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Do people (specially businessmen) evade taxes in developed country too?

In developed countries, top businessmen don’t evade taxes. They simply avoid them. Avoidance is legal. Evasion is illegal.

For instance, Amazon run by the richest guy in the world pays peanuts for taxes. Amazon UK tax payment falls to £1.7m

The United States’s first trillion dollar company — Apple — is also the world’s master at avoiding taxes. Apple tax avoidance plan laid bare in leaked documents

Many companies like GE pay hardly any tax: 18 Big Companies That Paid Zero in Taxes? Here’s the Deal

How Ikea avoided paying one billion euros in taxes via Luxembourg

The difference between corruption in developed countries and those in developing countries is that the former is organised, done at the top and made with the full approval of the legal system. They have lobbies, Luxembourg shell companies, Cayman bank accounts and a fairly complex system to hoodwink the tax authorities in a legal way.

In the developing countries, businessmen are less educated, use crude tactics and lower levels of government — employees not as well paid, and rely on bribes — lead the show.

The end result is the same — non-payment of fair taxes.

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