• Cezang

Do you want to make more money?

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Well, if we were still using the barter system then we don’t need to earn money! But now we have figured out “money” as the solution for the barter system. So earning money is very important to fulfil all our needs even to fulfil our basic needs we need money.

Now you are asking about earning “more money” and why?

It’s a human nature that we all need “more”. And I can also say that this nature is good but it has its own positive and negative points.

For example, if I just earn limited money and fulfil my basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter then my life will be very simple and meaningless. There won’t be any difference between human living and animal living because they also just fulfil their basic needs.

So I can say that money works as a motivator for human beings to do progress in life and to achieve more than basic needs. This kind of positive point effect is good. So human being wants to earn more to explore many things and to always grow in life. Even I want to earn more because I want to grow in my life not only financially but also in all the terms. Here all the terms mean like learning new skills, travelling to know the culture of different regions of the world. So ultimately to do all this I need money.

So in simple words, I want to earn more money to progress in my life.

Now let's see the negative side of “earning more”

Some people have a lo