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What are 7 bad investment habits to break in the coming year?

1. Stop investing in LIC policies offered by near relatives just for the sake of it. Most of them are doing it to earn commision and are complete rip-offs.

2. Stop paying minimum balance on your credit cards every month. Try to pay complete bill every month.

3. Stop buying consumer goods on EMIs. if you really want something save first and then buy later once you have enough money.

4. Stop investing in getting quick rich schemes or typically MLM schemes. Most of the people are not cut out for that kind of work and in the end you will lose your friends,relations because they run away. Its just a matter of time. (QNet,Speak Asia etc etc).

5. Stop lending money to friends,relatives as only one thing will come out of it and that is a relationship gone sour.

6. Stop playing in intraday, FnO and options as only a handful(2–5%) of investors aka speculators beat the market in the long run.

7. Stop delaying contribution towards your retirement fund. Start today if you haven’t started it yet. Save first and then start spending from your salary.

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