• Cezang

What are the best ways to improve your personality?

1.Start wearing tailored formals there is a different charm all together when your clothes fit you well.

2.Start wearing simple and plain tee's it should be of only one color make you look sophisticated.

3. Hit gym or do any kind of workout it makes you happy and boost up your confidence.

4.Read read read and read. it helps you to have a different perspective on simple things.

5.Get away from social network for one month and travel let it be solo or with ur friends just do it.

6.Start initiating conversation with strangers on general topics like demonetization or any thing trending .

7.While speaking use your hands and body express yourself and emphasize more.

8.Watch sensible movies like a beautiful mind ,forrest gump etc.

lastly smile more and listen to your parents advise the hell or scenario you are going through they have passed it and know how to deal with it and fall in love with yourself.

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