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Why do a lot of Indians hide their income to avoid paying taxes but expect the government politician

There are two types of Indians in India.

The first are those who pay taxes.The second are those who get all the benefits of the tax money.

The result is that the taxpayers in India feel cheated because they don’t get anything in return.

In developed countries, taxpayers get lots of facilities from the government like,

Free education Free medical facility Good infrastructure Good roads

However, in India, the taxpayers get nothing in return as government facilities are pathetic. Accordingly, the taxpayers,

Pay huge money to send their children to private schools and colleges Get treatment from private hospitals and pay huge money Get poor infrastructure in general. In case of good roads, they have to shell out huge toll fee for using them.Less said about the law and order; and other government services, the better.

Governments in Centre and State spend all the taxpayers’ money for the people who don’t pay any taxes as they are their vote bank. Accordingly,

They get subsidized food, electricity, water etc.They get free houses They get free education They get free medical insurance or treatment.

You don’t desire to pay your hard earned money, if you know that you would get nothing in return except perhaps tax notice.

However, the taxpayers have no option but to pay their taxes to live peacefully.

People expect politicians to be honest, because they claim so.

They get votes from people on the promise that they shall make India corruption free.

Hence, when they break their promises and engage in scams, people have reasons to get angry on them.

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